Mantra ponari

Air Minum ponari berkhasiat karena mantra?SURABAYA - Results of trials conducted Public Health in East Java find the crystal in the hydrogen water used by Ponari to cure the patient.

The invention of the crystal-crystal size of 1.7 to 1.8 micron is a result of this test for ten days in the electron microscope laboratory Airlangga University, Surabaya.

In laboratory testing team Health Office Jatim use water that has been dyed Ponari stones and fresh water than usual as a control. The team did not find the crystal in the normal fresh water.

Chairman of the Implementation, Development, and Traditional Medicine (P3T) General Hospital Regional Dr. Soetomo Surabaya dr Widayat Sastrowardoyo suspect, the crystal comes from the media object or other stones. However, laboratory P3T not sure the original crystal. The team is still researching further to reveal factors healer.

"Yes, that one control, one that is already dicelupin (crystal). Then we compare the dicelupin was not what I have-apanya, clean. Dicelupin is already met ya that." Dr said Widayat Sastrowardoyo

Dr Widayat Sastrowardoyo also says the next week will come to Ponari patients who recover from illness
However, when thousands of Muslims have gathered in the harbor, the ship was in port sandar directly burned and Muslims be so cruel with the sea water to red as blood. Current slaughter and promise disavowal was on 1 April 1487 as a Christian and dikenang "The April Fool Day."
Muslims are not worth celebrating "April MOP" or "The April Fool Day", because the habit is a reminder of slaughter Muslims in Spain on 1 April 1487 BC.
Muslims are "latah" and celebrate April MOP without knowing the basis and origin muasal events, the word Muslim Cendikiawan, Ir. H. Asmara Dharma, in his writings that was received in Singapore, Sunday.
Dijelaskannya, April MOP is the beginning of large-scale assault by the army of the Cross when the country Spain is under the authority of Islam kekhalifahan in March 1487 BC.
Cities of Islam in Spain, such as Zaragoza and Leon in the North region, and Vigo Forto in Eastern region, Western region in Valencia, Cordoba and Lisbon and Madrid in the South in the city center and port city of Granada as successful domination of the Cross.
Muslims who left from the war that promised freedom if leave Spain with a boat in the harbor prepared Granada. Cross the promise of the salvation of Islam and allow people a ship if they leave their weapons and Spain.
However, when thousands of Muslims have gathered in the harbor, the ship was in port sandar directly burned and Muslims be so cruel with the sea water to red as blood.
Current slaughter and promise disavowal was on 1 April 1487 as a Christian and dikenang "The April Fool Day."
Next, the word Dharma, the events of "The April Fool Day" is April dipopulerkan MOP with a "ritual" may mengerjai, menjahili and deceive other people on that date, but the nuances happy.
"Ritual is not required with bolehnya gullible people who are angry and dijahili and reply," he said.
One of the Muslim youth, daughter Julia, does not claim to know the history of April MOP, although often do so while still in school.
But Julia confess surprised if the April MOP associated with the slaughter of Muslims in Spain.
Meanwhile, Rita Sahara, Medan other teenagers, also does not claim to know the history of the early April MOP.
He claims only to know April MOP related to the practice menjahili, the fabrication of information and make fun of other people to create surprises.
After April MOP know the history, he was mengimbau Muslims, especially young people, do not need to celebrate April MOP same meaning as Muslims celebrated the slaughter.
Hello guys , who's people you want to cheat in this April Mop, it is time to make laugh, it is april fools day
April MOP, known as April Fools' Day in English, diperingati each on 1 April each year. On this day, people can be considered a lie or jokes to other people are considered guilty without. Today is marked by deceit, deception and other jokes on friends and neighbors, with the goal mempermalukan them-they are easily tricked. In some countries, jokes should only be done before noon. Today, many also diperingati on the internet.
PHP language pemograman MOP also celebrate this April with the logo on every page php 'php info'. Note the logo on the php info PHP, each on 1 April, the logo will be changed to images that funny, for example, dog picture, picture, Park, and Batman pictures.

I pick up one and more video from youtube about tragedi situ gintung, you can download gratis the video situ gintung menangis here.
needed all donatur to help can give them all you have"Disaster was invited because of sin, and no matter who can reject it unless the reptile" Ayo repent before disaster befall us! cepatlah repent! when we ourselves do not have the feeling of sin, have felt themselves no sin sdh only sin ... is a place for human sin! tongue, eyes, hands, feet, ears. Let's repent, do not let our lives be without the sport in the light of truth is given, without the spiritual food given, the soul is always inclined at kebenaran.bertaubatlah!

Ramalan banjir dan gempa 2009

After the earthquake prediction, it is easier to predict who is likely predict flood years later in 2009. Ramalan banjir dan gempa 2009

As has been written previously that rob or flooding due to tidal flooding will be affected by the sun and posisibulan. Tidal earth is indeed related to the circulation days.

Nah Marufin the blade rukyat, the calendar month based on the astronomical circle, to give any posts about the possible increase in light face of sea water or rob at the end of January 2009 later.

Words just play this Marufin input only.

The astronomical, conjunction Moon - The sun will occur on January 26 2009 at 14:56 WIB by the ring of a sun eclipse that can be observed in the Sunda Sleat. When a conjunction, this will be followed by the high tide which is the highest yield potential flood tide (rob) in daerah2 that elevasinya lower than sea level.

The astronomical addition, empirical data shows the position when the Sun is at declination minus 18 - 15 degrees occurred on the rainfall, especially in normal Pantura Java, more specifically in Jakarta.

"Haddduh, Jakarta again Pakdhe ya?"

"Yes it should now Jakarta must be prepared. This is because of its sono. Humans must be able to overcome or anticipate the result of flooding "

MJO is the United States comes from areas of Indonesia. (Source: Wikipedia)
While the meteorologis, mentions eight MJO cycle (Madden-Julian Oscillation) have occurred in Indonesia in the first week of second-December 2008.

Cycle with period 30 - 60 days, where we take middle value of an 40-day, the MJO cycle will return to Indonesia in the last week in January - the first week of February 2009. MJO bring a lot of rain clouds, so the increase in rainfall.

So, in the last week in January 2009, there are three elements that berkoalisi. We have a conjunction of the sea surface. We also have empirical data to improve the position of the sun rainfall. We also have a cycle of MJO also bring increased rainfall. Rainfall increases in the pool to create different areas that flow run-off is large enough. Increased rainfall also will make sea level rise and drown in turn the coastal region.

"What is more MJO ta Pakdhe?"

"Madden-Julian Oscillation is a new cycle of this very day is being learned by experts. This is related to the cycle of rainfall anomalies that tentusaja is related to the weather. "

Nah, kasarnya conclusion, there is potential for a great flood in the fourth week in January 2009, especially for Pantura Java (more specifically again DKI Jakarta). There may be something that can be done to mengantisipasinya and memitigasinya far day before?
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Tragedi di Situ Gintung

have you watch tv it is disaster fro situ gintung.. The Lake Gintung dam collapsed in the early morning on Friday, March 27th 2009. It caused a flash flood, many has compared to a little tsunami, destroying hundreds of houses, killing more than 60 people, while many others were still missing. Our deep condolences to the flood victims family
situ gintung ramalan 2009, it is human error

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has since Saturday provided Situ Gintung flash flood victims with clean water, setting up eight makeshift faucets with access to 10,000 liters of water in Cireundeu, South Tangerang, reported on Sunday.

"The water container and faucets are placed at a basketball court near the entrance of the Ahmad Dahlan School of Economics. This is to support residents and volunteers alike in sanitation measures," PMI's Water and Sanitation (Watsan) team coordinator Ersan said.

Ersan said 13 Watsan volunteers were able to mobilize water from the State Islamic Institute.

"To anticipate the scarcity of clean water, we've also cooperated with the Pondok Indah drinking water company (PAM) to provide assistance in providing clean water," PMI field coordinator Kristiansyah said.

Meanwhile, PMI continues to help residents rehabilitate the scene.

"A mini truck and excavator arrived Friday evening to help us rehabilitate the disaster area and clean up the flood remains," Kristiansyah said.

Early Friday morning an inland tsunami caused by a wall of water gushing from a collapsed sluice gate at the 21-hectare Situ Gintung Lake had caused the death of no less than 70 residents, many of whom were children.

The sluice gate reportedly collapsed after it failed to contained water from incessant downpour that occurred throughout the day. (amr)forex money
Peruntungan Tahun 2009 di Zodiak
How the life of your financial and career next year? Follow the map image based on the pattern of Life organized by Ani Sekarningsih, CTGM, Tarot Grand Master award is the top American Tarot Association.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)
Women's Capricorn terbelenggu many thought-angannya. Increase awareness, because of the profession and will face financial shocks, and you will experience loss of material. No need to rely on luck with the lottery to buy. To overcome the emotional problems, you should immediately realize in order to improve the workplace atmosphere.

On the to-4 weeks there will be surprises, unexpected change of circumstances at this time and bring new opportunities. Take the opportunity. For health, reduce food mengonsumsi enhance grain like acid emping melinjo. You also have to accept the changes or lose as cleaning karma.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)
Aquarius sometimes considered as if to separate themselves from the real world, because your thoughts concentrated on the analysis of the spiritual. In fact, the ideal union is the polar-polar opposite of each other will create harmony, both on themselves and the environment. Time you measure the condition of the middle digeluti work while making a comparison with other sources more profitable. If you during this spree, spending time now consolidate. Soon you will find what you want to be passive, sympathy, and intelligent.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)
Time analyzing the plan and purpose of life again, projects, and environmental Pertemanan, then record the details. So far, no wonder if the responsibility in your work experience setbacks. Waspada signing any document. Read carefully before any words. Kendalikan for your financial matters that are useful, and should invest in efforts that bring profit. Digestion a little fussy. Reduce foods that stimulate mengonsumsi stomach.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
Women's Aries triggered want to give special surprises that make children and husbands and even all relatives. You encourage more families to worship, manners association enforce a more reasonable and provide inspiration for them, about how important education is eligible to savor.

Aries women are also easy to stretch out on a charity project with a company that promises success. You will be successful financially and socially to the entrepreneurial spirit and your ability to manage financial and management in general. This year you should reduce the soul food like chicken, meat, fish, and eggs.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
Taurus terbelenggu a situation that does not let itself to be more creative. Ideas, and all you terpasung monitored with stringent measures, even the proposals you are frozen. In 2009 you want to set themselves flee from the current work, or change the mind to accept the task remains the same once you do not like, for repairs to the family economy. Sadarilah, you have the power to achieve the policy and control the inner discord.

However, Taurus must learn merendah the intellectual and ignore things that do not have any strong reason. Not err when you choose to get together for the first silence of meditation. Thus, the Taurus did not need to get stuck in the doldrums maraud personality menghadapai a condition in the situation. Continue to advance and learn from mistakes so that no repeating. Ignore attitude always blame themselves.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)
Time you have all the changes and the time-period of transition. You must make final choice between the things that is useful and reject anything that is only trash. Thanks to the strong desire, something that will be tried according to the program and run your akan mewujudkannya in concrete. There are of course the extra expenditure. Rain inspiration to improve the policy and some of your goals will be reached the target as expected. Gemini will have the possibility to change the work place while moving.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)
Partnership with others, as may please be increased. Someone who has the power to help you in financial problems or job. Alert for the woman who has the power. Without realizing, as a ruler you can do at gue. You need a new motivation to maintain the performance, because competition in the work environment and increasing business.

A braggart, just ignore. Do not show yourself in a state of depression. Tampillah always with a smile and calmness in the face competition. For those who glorify material wealth or luxury dream, dream will be realized soon. Has also examined health your teeth or start a joint problem. Do not consider the slight interference.

LEO (July 23 - August 23)
Cooked through planning, Leo will get results as expected. Cintailah your convenience. There will be a new development this year. Leo akan women grow and develop to become more discerning, and will need to travel-travel for the invitation to meet and extend partnerships. Promising, future career will be more uphill Leo. There is a possibility Leo akan memeproleh share in the profits or the like. Remain standing upright in the principles of a more than useful to destroy themselves.

Virgo (24 August - 23 September)
Cautious not to get stuck in the past Nostalgia. When Virgo difficult love, it is not possible you will not fall, stumble, more love of power, love of money, or become politicians. Throughout the years this spirit you will be triggered on the job is basically to serve, treat, or as social workers, given the nature of your soft, friendly, and sympathetic.

Arise, because Virgo in the present life and not live in the day yesterday. Work that is appropriate for you related to or as a scientific discoverer. Throughout the year 2009 should increase the return travel Virgo-perjaanan for various reasons. Not impossible to older relatives who do not meet all of a sudden to come visit. Reduce night life and alcohol, considering your liver health are declining.

Libra (september 24 - 23 October)
For the young executive Libra, you ditantang perform actions with a high speed, as your vitality and sensitivity to the needs of the community this time are needed for more intelligent in the travel business. Do not mind either trapped and bad, because the world of gray.

Tenangkan self, life is indeed a meditation there. The luck will come through breast expansion social relationships, so that any job that you signed will reach the expected target. You'll get an award that will bring extra honorarium. Through dedication and perseverance, Libra will be able to overcome problems in life.

SCORPIO (24 October - 22 November)
Scorpio during the time period this year will incur additional expenses that require special handling. Overlapping work, while demanding the prime superiors. However, with perseverance you will bring energy-goodness goodness expressed significantly. Study delegasikan trust the people and tasks. No need to sacrifice your rest time for work drunk. The situation at this time require strength, intellect, mental and emotional high. Use the most of all the potential at this time to produce optimal performance.

Sagitarius (23 November - 21 December)
Sagitarius courage in facing the danger makes you pemimpim be suitable for military or law enforcement. Sagitarius need to go through difficult period with heart and cheerful smile, and again take more aggressive position in life.

Although the situation in the complex, emotional and kendalikan use common sense. Perhaps, a large amount of bonus will be sent to your account, so that planning can pay off a number of mature debt or finance the receivables of a great idea. Note the schedule of food metabolism can disrupt the body.
ki kusumo as written in perhitungan hongsui, 2009
According to the calculation hongsui, 2009 is represented with the buffalo. Kerbau not always obedient to the employer. Buffalo and sometimes struggle to create things that can be dangerous. According to Ki Kusomo, the year the water buffalo has a tendency to quiet. But this is 2009 years old buffalo terpasung land. Kecenderungannya can then change to mutiny.
ramalan ki kusumo  vs permadi

Further explained, 2009 is the climax of the many sectors that were previously able to survive. Eg from the people who can stand in 2008 from a helter-skelter, but in 2009 he is no longer survive. Finally, because the oppressed, and her struggle to do crime. Uniquely, the crimes this year that many new and scandalize.

"Many people are not able to survive suicide ago. Even one of the suicide in 2009 when this is", so the forecast Ki Kusumo. In the economic sector, especially the middle to bottom, in 2009 this will be a lot of people who take a shortcut that is looking for pesugihan and nyupang.

About the political and security conditions in 2009 will also be increasingly vulnerable. Hajatan political elections will be bang-bang in the small community. Although small, the riots occurred akan empty to the capital and cause problems in Jakarta.

"The future will also be a lot of poor people who suddenly, unexpectedly rich even sudden insanity," a sign Ki Kusumo.

Menerawang presidential candidates who will appear, Ki Kusomo not see a single figure is prominent compared to other loop-loop. Described, all presidential candidates who carried political party has nearly the same opportunities because they have the mass base of fanatics. However, according to Ki Kusumo kansnya the most is to become president SBY. According to him, since 2007, SBY has wangsit supernatural ruler of the island of Java. In wangsit that, SBY will be required to establish the monument struggle Panglima Besar Soedirman in general nawangan, Pacitan. This place was used as the basis for the struggle of General Soedirman. Lokias Wonogiri in the southern region also has the aura wingit very strong because it is a meeting place, the magical island of Java guards.

Not only that, Pacitan area is also the birth of SBY. "If SBY is able to realize wangsit before pilpres, most likely he can overcome the charisma candidates include the president Megawati or Sultan," Ki Kusomo clear.

Although SBY was selected to become president again, Ki Kusumo feel pessimistic SBY able to bring this nation to the prosperity of the gate. SBY is not the person who brought the nation to be prosperous and the prosperous. "SBY is a person that is only to be laying the foundation for prosperity." He said.

According to Ki Kusumo, 2009 this figure will also appear as a new, trustworthy person who will bring this nation to prosperity and prosperity. Who is he? unclear details.
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Not only global economic crisis that threatens the year 2009. Mid of Buffalo Land diramal this fall turmoil triggered by political upheaval. This is the input and Mama Lauren Paranormal Permadi SH. Ramalan mama Lauren tahun 2009
Mama Lauren prediction:
- There was political upheaval large-scale
- Two veteran politicians killed died due to accumulation of the competition.
- Many a trial on the property, mining, plantation, aviation, shipping, and oil.
- Many companies that roll mats and mem-PHK employees.
- Investors in the property business should be more patience.
- Stock Exchange shares will be closed in several countries, including Indonesia.
- Price and clothing and food are also soaring rise.
- Outbreak marry divorcees still flare.
- But there are two couples who divorced akan reconcile.
- Indonesia will also lose the familiar seven stars, that is, the four men and three women. Two men and one woman of them died because of drugs, and four other people because of illness.
- Rainfall akan largest occurred in December 2008 to January 2009.
- Season period will occur in April and May and October-November.
- During this period, can happen and lightning storms.
- The earthquake also occurred in some areas will take many victims of mental and material.
- Also there will be a mountain erupt.
- Waspadai the accident aircraft, train, bus, ship and sea.
- Flood disaster in Jakarta also can not be dodged.
- Floods and landslides will occur in the area of West Java.
- Earthquake and landslides also still lurk West Sumatra, the western part of the Tapanuli, Aceh and the West. While the pairs of sea water will flow to the rivers in Kalimantan.
Permadi prediction:
- There was political turmoil.
- Election 2009 will not be realized.
- Will continue to keterpurukan because keberpihakan on foreign interests.
Have you know about mama, she quote in indonesian language here are:


Have you know about mama Lauren 
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Misteri kuku terpanjang

gambar misteri kuku terpanjang hantu
women this right. Kuku terpanjang record holder in the world must lose gelarnya after kukunya drop out when a car accident. 

Lee Redmond (67) of Salt Lake City, Utah has a claw crane hands since 1979, so the Salt lake Tribune as quoted, Saturday (14/2/2009). 

Redmond dinobatkan as the record holder nails terpanjang based Guinness World Records with the long reach 33 inch or 84 cm this. 

However, fathers should be losing a nail kesayangannya in a chain accident involving four cars in holladay. 

"Mrs. Redmond is one of the passenger vehicle. He was taken to hospital, but the wound-the wound is not dangerous," said Salt Lake Sheriff Jubir, Don Hutson. 

In an article in 1995 had rejected the grandmother is paid U.S. $ 10,000 to cut kukunya a TV station in Japan.

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many phenomena Hantu end of this final, no ghost at all the concerts, just strange strange, ghost concert ever at this time there is a concert band indonesian d'masive, the same ghost like the vocalist dmasive

Misteri sheik sit Siti jenar

Name sheik know Siti jenar

Siti jenar sheik (829-923 H/1348-1439 C/1426-1517 M), has many names: Ali San (name of parents angkatnya, Hasan Ali Anshar not as many people written); sheikh 'Abdul Jalil (the name you at Malacca, after the carrier Islamic scholars to be there); sheik Jabaranta (name familiar in Palembang, Sumatra and mainland Malacca); Prabu Satmata (I Gusti visible by eye; names do appear from the circumstances kasyf or spiritually drunk; also the name you introduced to students and followers); sheik or Lemah Lemah Abang Bang (the title given community Lemah Abang, a community and the village sheik fashion dipelopori Siti jenar; hegemony against the kingdom. Wajar if people do not recognize the name of Cirebon sheik Siti jenar, because in Cirebon I name is popular sheik Lemah Abang); sheik Siti jenar (the name I mengambarkan ajarannya philosophical about sangkan-direction, that is biologically human only created a land of red and the rest is the spirit of God; also the name I dilekatkan by Sunan Bonang when memperkenalkannya to the Board of guardian, the presence in Central Java / Demak; also Babad Cirebon name); Nurjati sheik or Pangran Panjunan or Sunan Sasmita (the name in the Babad Cirebon, Hadisutjipto sz); Siti Bang sheik, sheik and Siti Brit; Siti noble sheik (names given society Java Tengahan); Sunan Kajenar (Islamic literature in the Java-version of Surakarta new era R.Ng. Ranggawarsita [1802-1873]); Wali sheikh Lanang Sejati; Jati Mulya sheik and sheik Sunyata Jatimurti Susuhunan ing Lemah Abang.

Siti jenar more shows as the main teaching symbolism sheik Siti jenar kasampurnan ie science, science sangkan-ing direction dumadi, muasal origin of human events, it is created from biological soil red pot functions as a venue (place) persemayaman in the spirit of this world. Jasad so that people do not abide will decompose back ketanah. The rest is the spirit of God, you will after kemusnaan raganya integrates back with immortality. He was in a manungsa as a form of "manunggaling sense" (sense integrates into God).

And because heaven and hell is derajad for the physical presence of Paradise and hell are in the world, according to a statement is that the world is a prison for the believers. According to Siti jenar sheik, the world is hell for the person with a solid-ignites God. After he died from his fetters wadag free and united with God. Manunggalnya servants in the world with God is often obstructed by biological bodies do with appetite-nafsunya. That is the core meaning of the name Siti jenar sheik.
The theme of this episode is Master DARE DANGER. 5 The candidates to the Master will display the action outside the normal strain, with the strength & intensity they will try to get away from the death / bahaya.Di this episode viewers or voters will decide who is considered "Eligible" or "Not Eligible" to The Master 

Games List: 

1. Joe Sandy the master rcti
He will play on the emotions of viewers and spectators in the home studio with the Russian Roulette shot 3 fruit machine nails (NAILER). 1 of 3 fruit nailer will contain real nails, and he had to predict where a safe Nailer & Nailer which contain nails. 

2. Abu Marlo the master  rcti 
There are 4 pieces of a mannequin on a swing hanger & Abu will throw the ball towards the spectators to memilihkan in a position where the hand of Abu will replace the swing position of a mannequin. 4 One of mine is mine to keep strong so that Abu does not fall on the nail-sharp nails that are appropriate under the gallows. 

3. Angel the master 
For a woman faces is the most important asset. What happens when the face of a woman is exposed to hard water? 1 of 4 glass of fruit wine that will contain the water hard. One of the audience will choose a glass of wine which will disiramkan to face Angel. 

4. Aldi Sungkar the master rcti 
After obtaining a stinging criticism and sharp in Aldi this episode will give you a different game. Aldi this time will prove that he also has the strength of escape from death. In the bound and included in the box swing, Aldi can escape from the fire ablaze & nail-sharp nails that are just below the box. 

5. Richard Rain the master rcti
Ability as a Halusionist no doubt. Rain will take a polo mint which had been to tenggorokannya using seutas yarn that can be perforated at the neck. Then swallow it and remove the thread through the eye

Misteri tokek

misteri tokek, have you heard about tokek mistery , do you remember how much the tokek give the  sound, tokek sing six

Share BHAGAVAD GITA, do you know what it is all about?
Bhagawadgita (Sanskrit: भगवद् गीता; Bhagavadgītā) is a part of the famed Mahabharata, in the form of dialogue in the form of minstrelsy. In this dialog, Kresna is the main speakers construe teaching philosophy, while Arjuna is a pendengarnya. Literally, meaning Bhagawadgita is "Songs of the Bhagawan (saint)." 

This is a poetic interpolation or insertion is entered to "Bhismaparwa". This scene occurred at the beginning Bharatayuddha. At that time Arjuna stood on the top of the hill and looked down, to the place where the Korawa are with their associates. Arjuna must fight against them all, but it was grief and indecision. Because even though they never misbehave terhadapnya, they remain brothers and friends who already know and he dikasihinya. Then it was given a sermon and by the advice-advice that applies as Kresna sais Arjuna.

Bhagawadgita author is not known, but it is not clear that the reputedly Byasa write Mahabharata. Hindu people look Bhagawadgita Hindu religious teachings is a very very old age. Hindu people believe, Bhagawadgita knowledge is eternal, which is already there before writing the history of mankind and ajarannya can not be destroyed. 

[edit] The Writing 
Said Bhagawadgita get the flow of influence from the sixth or Hindu Saddarsana, mainly from the flow of Samkhya, Yoga and Wedanta. Experts think that this lyric was written about the century-to-2 or BC 3. 

[edit] Table of Contents 
Book is comprised of 18 chapters, namely: 

Arjuna Yoga Wisada, untwist irresolution in Arjuna 
Samkhya Yoga, teaching yoga and decipher samkhya 
Karma Yoga, construe achievement as karma yoga, business, the act 
Jnana Yoga, yoga construe achievement because pure science 
Samnyasa Karma Yoga, yoga construe achievement is concerned because 
Dhyana Yoga, decipher the meaning of dhyana in the system as a yoga 
Jnana Yoga Widnyana, construe as moral achievement yoga 
Aksara Brahma Yoga, immortality will construe the fact of God 
Widya Rajaguhya Raja Yoga, the fact of the Godhead as the king of all knowledge (Widya) 
Wibhuti Yoga, will decipher the nature of the absolute essence of God, without beginning, middle and end 
Wiswarupa Darsana Yoga, Yoga Wibhuti follow, described the manifestation of the real 
Bhakti Yoga, on how to decipher the Bhakti yoga 
Ksetra Ksetradnya Yoga, construe the fact of the One Godhead in relationship with purusa and prakrti 
Guna Traya Wibhaga Yoga, discuss Triguna - Sattwam, Rajas and Tamas 
Purusottama Yoga, decompile beryoga on purusa the Most High, the fact Godhead 
Daiwasura Sampad Wibhaga Yoga, will discuss the fact-natural human behavior, good and bad 
Sraddha Traya Wibhaga Yoga, decipher and principled belief in the Triguna 
Moksa Samnyasa Yoga, is the conclusion of all the teachings that became the core of the highest religious goal. 

Bhagawadgita in Kuna culture Java and Bali 

Video scenes Arjuna facing Bhatara Vishnu in comics Mahabharata by RA Kuna Kosasih.Orang Java and Bali are Bhagawadgita because of contact with India and Hinduism in the first. 

[edit] Bhismaparwa 
In the sixth book Mahabharata Bhismaparwa is copied into the Java language Kuna, a summary of some Bhagawadgita. But according to many experts, translators Jawa Kuna less will understand Sanskrit language, so translation is less perfect. Bhagawadgita in Bhismaparwa consists of sloka-sloka in Sanskrit language is followed by a translation in the language Java Kuna after every sloka. 

[edit] Bharatayuddha 
In speaking kakimpoi Bharatayuddha Java Kuna, who wonder digubah from the original in the form of prose, Bhagawadgita not be found. Only two are written to the temple of disjoint-sermon sermon to Arjuna Kresna. Temple, the temple came from pupuh 10, stanza 12 and 13: 


mulat the peril Arjunâsemu kamânuṣan kasrepan 
megrim musuhnira i ri n sometimes on taya wwang waneh 
hana wwang anaking yayah mwang maternal uncle len uwânggeh 
makâdi Krpa Salya Bhiṣma sira the dwijânggeh teachers 

ya kâraṇaniran pasabda ri narârya Krṣṇâteher 
aminta wurunga ng lagâpan awelas tumon Korawa 
kuneng sira Janârdanâsekung Akon sarṣâpranga 
apan hila-hila ng kṣinatriya surud yan ing paprangan 

But they see the Arjuna and the compassion he terliputi 
because their enemies are not foreign 
have relatives from the father and mother, and also the uncle-uncle 
such as Krepa, Salya, Bisma and teacher (Drona Bhagawan). 

Therefore, he spoke to prabu ago Kresna, 
request that he stop the war, because of the compassionate view Korawa. 
However, the Janardana (Kresna) menyuruhnya still fight 
For someone who is considered as the tournament is not permitted to draw back from war.

This is Hantu jenglot and blorong, what is going on in this world, look at the little kid watching the jenglot and hantu blorong,

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Have you ever ketiban telek boyo, wow it is very ngeri sekali, not good pokoke
lu want to gue tibakin telek boyo gak
Year 1944, Lorraine Johnson is a young housewife married to a new life in a small town in Driftwood Pennsylvania, United States. Her husband, Charles Johnson was a dive-bomber pilot from the United States Air Force who served in the middle of Europe in the business associate troops retake countries in Europe occupied the middle of Nazi Germany at that time. They was not a child. But Lorraine is very familiar with the surrounding environment, including all their neighbors. Lorraine is one by one they know. Lorraine lived in the environment, there is a church where Lorraine is very active following the activities of the church is especially after the husband's departure to Europe to fight. In the church it is usually also hear the news about the war in the front line, besides the church as a place of socializing jemaahnya, Lorraine because it is very know-congregation parish, which is most of their neighbors, and also pastor Paul Reeves, pastor at the church.

One night, or early morning hours precisely, about 2 o'clock, Lorraine awakened from sleep, he heard the church bell be pronounced. He was a little surprised because it marked the congregation invited to gather at the church. He was very-not because it was usually the pastor Reeves jemaahnya blind in the morning like this. May have very important news that should be presented so that the congregation should gather sepagi this, so think Lorraine with anxious hearts. Then, with the dress secukupnya Lorraine immediately rushing to the church. After reaching the church, the view Lorraine has been met by the church congregation, but he was very astonished because there was no congregation of which he also met and clergy who spoke on the platform is also not a pastor Paul Reeves that he know. Lorraine but try to remain calm and not much to ask and he began to hear the pastor 'foreign' to speak on the podium. But suddenly the pastor said, "Let us collect the funds, to our church and also for them-the middle of their fight for justice across the ocean there!" Himbau so the pastor. Then someone with a small tray to start at one-fold to dimintai contributions accompanied by the pastor. When to turn on the Lorraine, he new it was not aware that the money brought sesenpun.

"Sorry but I pack fingerpost actually forgot to bring money" so said Lorraine.

"But, you should contribute to this important because for justice and win the war" so the pastor said Lorraine reply speech.

"If the gaffer pastor, izinkanlah my first home briefly to take the money" so the next Lorraine fate.

"No, madam! You have the ring on the ring finger kimpoi you! Relakanlah it! God will memberkatimu Mrs! "The fate of the clergy.

"But pastor pack! Kimpoi this ring me and my husband! Please, izinkanlah take me home for the money "once again fate Lorraine.

"No! Ayo relakan! "The fate of the clergy once again with force. And suddenly the whole congregation in the church that simultaneously says "Relakan! Relakan! Relakan! "In the form of a koor. Because of shame, fear and confusion with a heavy heart Lorraine kimpoinya pull out of the ring finger manisnya to be submitted to the people who bring these trays. "Thank you!" So the pastor said with a tone flat. Lorraine immediately sad because the face with both hands. But suddenly there is someone who pat crowd and said:

"Lorraine!" Sapanya so friendly with. Voters know it is.

"Priest Reeves!" Lorraine reply to the greeting with a relieved heart.

"Being what you here in the morning like Lorraine?" So ask clergy Reeves surprise.

"I'm attending a meeting in this church, not so?" Responsible Lorraine.

"The meeting is a pastor ?????" Reeves full wonderment.

Lorraine suddenly tersadar that church room where he appeared to be empty and dark.

"Lorraine never! Come home! Perhaps you are too tired and fall asleep in church and dreamed. Or can be run while you sleep! "The pastor Reeves reply with a smile and half-kidding.

"But Reeves clergy, before the meeting is very real!" And suddenly tersadar Lorraine kimpoinya that the ring finger was missing from manisnya.

"Priest Reeves, before I submit my ring as a donation now and the ring kimpoi I really lost, how can this happen? Meeting earlier clearly evident "sanggah Lorraine.

"Lorraine never! You may remove the ring kimpoi you and you forget meletakannya in a place in the house. Never mind, let me go home between! If you would like to continue our talk tomorrow "said the pastor with Reeves friendly. Due to feeling a little ashamed and did not want to disrupt the clergy Reeves again, then immediately meet the demand Lorraine Reeves clergy to return to the home.

At 7 am, when Lorraine wanted to make breakfast for himself, suddenly the house doorbell ring. Lorraine opens the door immediately rushing. In fact two people from the Air Force brought a letter.

"Sorry ma'am! We must deliver news this mourning! "So says one of them while opening militernya hat as a sign of reverence. Hear that Lorraine suddenly become very weak, but he still tries to read the official letter from the Air Force. There explained that Charles Johnson, Lorraine's husband died immediately because bombernya ditembak aircraft destroyed in air attacks by anti-air cannon at the top of the German Fougères in France. Tertembak right plane at the time of release ring Lorraine kimpoinya in the church that night.

Hantu hantu di Bandung

Hantu hantu di Bandung

Aloysius school in 2 batununggal gw jg some 
I honestly aja gw gak pernah liat cerita2 only ghost I udh gw circulating in the school 

1. women's toilet floors have 1 ghost cewe yg klo udh afternoon like self nampakin 
2. warehouse floor under the stairs are like 1-ngegedor from the warehouse door gedor dalem 
3. cantankerous ghost ignorant people make almost jatoh 
4. 4 are on the floor she said I have a lot of teachers just tuh ga dare to floor 4 
jd gw kurang tau ... 

temen gw pernah liat have small children running at high speed in the school corridor

Do you believe that there is ghost alias video hantu when d'massive take conser in bandung, take a look of this video,foto hantu d'massive , 
eh namanya hantu d'masive ato d'massive sih

that they included in the groups that suffer mahkluk ... pity, they need help, but most people they memusuhi, gara gara film horror film I nakut nakutin people, make us successful assume that Satan is evil, the devil is scary