According to the genderuwo it is a kind of ghost berpostur a large body of high, like the men, and sometimes kidnap anak2 small play-out time adzan. genderuwo akan appeared during / just to tell if he is around us, always followed by a goat-like smell or laki2 ordinary people call it (berok) sometimes also the smell of food (kependem polo), namely the root of food-akaran such as roasted cassava, and rubus genderuwo potatoes can also change shape as the human / and sometimes also act like usil in humans, for example: when we are through in a place that ditinggali by the genderuwo we usually lempari in stone krikil, sometimes there are also people suara2 cough. often also have a kencingin from the tree ... genderuo also menginginka children of men.
Formerly a village in the area have kalimantan strange events that may be real but ..... namely a woman who confessed out of touch with her husband when her husband went to sea and pulangnya long, several months after the pregnant woman and birth to a child's body is filled with bulu2 as genderuwo. nah there's all the people and families to know that dealing with the female body is genderuwo .... when the child is aged from a few days he were by someone who well may be high and large is the father of the child alias genderuwo .... Hiiii serem. I can be the story of this new friend that I moved from kalimantan, and settled in the village cave. Therefore seidikit reviews stories about genderuwo.
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