Heboh Ular berkepala wanita DI blitar

Heboh Ular berkepala wanita DI blitar - Snack Headed Woman / Avian Blitar - Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Blitar ask the police to immediately investigate the discovery of tangible creatures snake by Zamroji bodied women (55), villagers Sukosewu, District Gandusari. Besides making restless, MUI also doubted that the creature was real.
 Ular berkepala wanita

MUI Secretary Blitar Su'udi Ahmad said to anticipate things that may cause envious against the police investigate the discovery. This is done to straighten regarding developing news about the authenticity or there is an element of engineering.

"To prevent the police should conduct investigations in order to have clarity about the news that develops, this is only done to fortify the faith of citizens, and also to clarify whether it happened or the original engineering," said Ahmad Su'udi confirmed as journalists, Monday (14 / 6 / 2010).

If that were circulating in the community is capable of leading to the nature of polytheists, it regretted that society is too cult findings that supernatural beings. "It should not be used as the things that lead to an idolatrous nature," he said.

According to many strange things appear that human engineering can be done. While the supernatural powers that belong only to Allah alone. If there are other things that have supernatural powers are not supposed cult and can lead to envious nature.

"Do not think of weird things are let alone to believe has supernatural powers, because it could lead to an envious nature of the law of sin," he said.

Creature that has a 10 cm high with a circular body. Existing hair on the head of the snake woman, 80-10 cm long by 3 cm long fingernails and fangs in his mouth visible. Woman's body found Zamroji snake on Saturday (6/12/2010) in a place not far from his rice fields
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