Rajah rajah-nubuwwah Khatamun.

as far as I know, the above mentioned Rajah rajah-nubuwwah Khatamun.

Khatamun-nubuwwah is a prophetic sign that he found on his body he dipunggung precisely in his left shoulder ..

to my knowledge, this sign perfectly shaped little since he is when he cut in his chest by U.S. Gabriel.

physical forms such as meat stands out a little bit excessive and overgrown bulu2 fine ..

while in a spiritual dimension above it looks like a tattoo ... form a triangle and there is the phrase "tawajjah haitsu syi'ta" (menghadaplah wherever you want) on the right, "fa innaka manshuur" (sesunggunya you will always be helped) in the triangle on the left and writing "God wahdahu laa syariikalahu, Muhammadan 'wa abduhu rasuuluh "(Allah, God Almighty has no partner for him, Muhammad is His servant and his messenger)

about its benefits, it is enough Fadilah narrated by Imam Tirmidhi this as its foundation:

Imam Tirmidhi said: "Whoever berwudlu and (then later) look at this tattoo at the dawn of time God will keep it until the time of maghrib, whoever berwudlu and looked at this tattoo at maghrib time God will guard it till dawn. Whoever is looking at in the early months (qomariyyah) God will guard it until the end of the month. whoever is looking at in the early years (hijriyyah) God will guard it until the end of the plague years of disaster, and whoever will look at it at the time of travel, then make the journey that God blessed perjalananyang. and stuff anyone who had died in that year, God will cover the age of faith. "and that I hope to God Almighty tattoo that whoever is looking at this with a sincere faith and love towards Prophet just once in his life, Allah will guard it from all sorts of ugliness until he met God will judge "

wisdom that there are some experts recommend reading this khotamunnubuwwah every day by reading shalawat before and after ..

according to my diploma who receive, functions very much from the start blessing for trade, harmony households, protection, and so forth ...

ohya, regarding the question of the first mas, bahayakah if taken? I think not ya klo anyone have a take it rather than displaced ... once asked the same orang2 around.

regarding the third question, I think the best match is shalawat ... shalawat want to choose your own living what ... please play to thread sholawat
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